About Me

Designing for Better Health

Hi! I'm Christina. I'm currently studying at Rhode Island School of Design for industrial design. I deeply care about using industrial design to innovate biomedical products that practice Human-Centered Design Thinking; and use illustrations combined with digital technology to revolutionize scientific communications to be representative, effective, and accessible.


Art illustrates the chaos and unpredictability of life, and science establishes order through logic and the creation of theories.
Visualizing the invisible.

I grew bacteria from my body onto a petri dish. The microscopic images inspired this dress.

Colour-Changing Tattoo Biosensors

Discreetly monitor glucose levels with colour-changing tattoos for pre-diabetics

Dynamic Self

This dress highlights the dynamic bodily interaction between systems: cardiovascular and the microbiome.

Ending Maternal Mortality

These are snapshots into the pictorial curriculum I designed for a non-profit, Ending Maternal Mortality. I digitally illustrated 50+ pictorials to explain birth delivery, correct usage of life-saving pills, and humanitarian artwork that uses storytelling to connect with rural Northern Nigerian families.

StartPlaying Games Designs

I created screen designs for StartPlaying Games that were implemented by a team of web developers, used by over 20,000 people. I would problem-solve the layout of the page considering the user’s perspective and their objectives. I used visual hierarchy principles to establish clarity and flow of content.

Collective Individual

I "trained" a machine learning model (Neural Style Transfer) to simulate art using my art style. I layered my illustrations of cells on top of the outputted stylized images. This work explores my individuality in relation to biological processes; I am a collection of my cells' interactions.

Parallel Universe

This is a kaleidoscope toy with dynamic lights that changes its pattern. Artistically, this is how I imagine the different versions of myself that exist if I had made different decisions—the parallel universes of myself.

This is Who I Am

This painting reveals the skin microbiome’s hidden role in human health. Similar to how tattoos determine human identity, a healthy microbiome population determines our health identity.

Tough Love

Tough Love is an artistic representation of our body's beautiful immune response to develop acne: specifically redepicting acne as our body's way of doing its job rather than a cosmetic burden.

My core values.


love of learning requires appreciation of the world

Pursuit of truth

acknowledge your own ignorance and chase knowledge-chase truth


pro-experimentation- have fun with your work


inner harmony and with others

If any of these resonate with you, let's connect.

Most recent work

Design at StartPlaying (YC W20)

StartPlaying.Games is a marketplace for hiring professional game hosts. We host virtual social games like D&D and escape-the-rooms. (Current designs on the website are not my designs- haven't been implemented yet)

Co-founder of PictureBook

ESL children need additional support for future cultural confidence, financial, and social success. We talked to 16 users and built something they need. This solution was validated by over 5 professionals, including a member of Parliament in Ontario, and professor at Memorial university.

Pictorial Curriculum Designer @ EMM

Creating impactful artwork to help the illiterate understand life-saving medical procedures. EMM aims to reduce the number of deaths due to postpartum hemorrhaging (PPH). PPH is the #1 cause of maternal mortality globally. Maternal mortality kills 300,000+ women every year.

Front-end developer @ FAYOHI

I worked on branding & designed & developed a website for a non-for profit in Nigeria. FAYOHI's drive is to empower Nigerians through information, and effective interventions to lead healthier lives irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity and place of residence (rural or urban).

Co-founder @ Neuroqa

Neuroqa's goal is to help personalize treatments for mental illnesses by repurposing and developing probiotics that will help stimulate growth of health bacteria corrolated to a healthy mind.

Founder and Lead R&D @ SEST

The SEST entered a science proposal tothe Possom 13 Microgravity Challenge. The proposal looks into how fetal health is impacted in different gravity enviornments, which is important for developing future sustainable multiplanetary systems.

Debate head @ St.Clement's School 2019-2021

Debate head entails mentoring other debaters in your team & organizing events & reiterating on how the program can be improved.

Speaker at Wattpad

I spoke at the Wattpad office alongside Ananya Chadha and Adara Hagman.

Director of PR @ 1UP Toronto 2019-2020

I managed branding and social media for 1UP Toronto, which is a youth-led urban planning organization.

Content for you

Behind the Scenes of Bone Loss in Microgravity Environments

Brittle bones are not a humerus subject on the International Space Station (ISS).

Eliminating space debris with ion beams

A dive into the space debris problem + Ion Beam Shepherd as a solution.

I write articles!

I write about mindsets to 10X your growth, and science topics that intrigue me genuinely.

Drawing an apple until I get inspired

Artist block sucks. How do you get over it? Just do something. Play around.

HOW DID CLUBHOUSE GET VIRAL? AND how can you make a VIRAL product?

Want to design a viral product? (This is a product overview on Clubhouse collaborating with the Product Manager of Mothership, who has created viral products on her own)

I make videos!

I make content about my journey to self improvement + art (the creative process) + space technology.